What is it?

PK-Remote is a piece of software that lets you shoot tethered (camera controlled from your computer) using your Pentax K10D DSLR.

Pentax kindly provides "Pentax Remote Assistant™ 3" for Windows and MacOS users, but there is nothing for Linux... until now. However PK-Remote is currently Beta software, so it's quite far from the functionality of the Pentax software.

PK-Remote is available under the GNU General Public License.

The name? PK is of course for Pentax K-mount.

What can it do?

When your K10D is connected to your computer with the USB cable, PK-Remote lets you set most (but not all) exposure and JPEG quality parameters using your computer, and take pictures. The pictures are stored in the camera buffers (not on the memory card), and can be downloaded directly to your computer (manually or automatically).


How to get it

Head over to the project page and look for how to acquire source code from the SVN (subversion) repository. Try it at your own risk! See the license text for a warranty disclaimer. Read the README file, that comes together with the source code, for basic instructions how to configure and build the software. Logo

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